March 2023

Is ChatGPT inclusive?

Why did the AI attend diversity training?
Because it had been stuck in a binary mindset for too long!

Ask ChatGPT that question, and it will tell you that it’s an AI language model and does not hold any personal beliefs or opinions. So why ask this question about a trait that is fundamentally human?

Everyone is using ChatGPT to write emails, create brand messages, create LinkedIn posts and when we are not using it, we are talking about it. As communicators, it impacts everything we do. We walk a tight rope when creating messaging that is on-brand and caters to different stakeholders while being inclusive.

So, can ChatGPT give you content that is inclusive? It is obvious that it creates content based on the existing information on the internet.

We tried to dig deep, gave it some prompts and now we wonder whom does ChatGPT represent and is it worth using it for creating content?

A simple search for top 5 artists, and then top 10 artists, shows its limitations. First, it includes only men, then it includes only white men. What about the other gender and the rest of the world? You will see in the video below that it is remorseful and tries to rectify its mistake. Trying to be human, but not quite there yet.

Watch the video to find out how the conversation unfolded!

This video is a small example of how ChatGPT gives us content that is unidimensional. We understand that there is more to the platform than just one small broad question. It gives better responses when the prompt is detailed.

But what happens when someone randomly asks a question and ChatGPT gives vague answers?

With the launch of GPT-4, the latest and the most advanced language model (yet) developed by open AI, the possibility of communication going wrong looks slim. It promises advanced reasoning, complex instructions, and also more creativity. To experience GPT-4 you can either upgrade to ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT’s paid version or try it on Bing Chat for free.

We are super excited about how AI is shaping our future.

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