A B O U T   U S

We are niche, we are fluid, and we are trying to carve our space

Yes, we are young too, but we are backed by TIC's two-decade worth communication experience.

Subtext is an honest attempt at creating content for communication professionals across the spectrum of corporate, brand and marketing communication.

Here, we talk to industry veterans about communication strategies, impact, innovation, technology, and a lot more. Our only aim -- to draw insights from their expertise and experience and share it everyone.

We also research the deep corners of the internet and talk to our clients to bring you some interesting anecdotes from the industry. Look at it some exciting info if you are a trivia enthusiast (read junkie) like us or just some handy data that you can use while networking!

Of course, we showcase all the exciting work that we do at TIC – digital assets that we create, new technology that we explore, new content formats that design and a lot more.

We are TIC

We are just starting out,
so show us some encouragement, please?

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