March 2023

3 M I N R E A D

Is ChatGPT inclusive?

ChatGPT has us in awe, and we just can’t keep calm. LinkedIn can’t stop throwing it in our face and Reddit goes berserk when it is down. and it is just a few months old.

We are loving ChatGPT and how!

However, as communicators, we couldn’t help but wonder whether ChatGPT is inclusive.

We think it isn’t.

Here’s the proof.

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P.S. Most of this issue has been created using ChatGPT and other AI tools.


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How did this
become a thing?

Indian Women’s Day Campaigns

International Women's Day may come and go, but great campaigns by brands and corporates have the power to stay in our minds. They subtly push their message across and end up going viral! How do they become a thing? This year, we take a closer look at campaigns that made a difference by cutting through the clutter.

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What does it mean to be a working woman in India?

International Women's Day isn't just about celebrating the achievements of women anymore. It is now essential to understand where women stand vis-a-vis men in several areas. In this special issue of Subtext, we look at where women stand when it comes to gender gap in India through some very telling statistics.

  • The gender pay gap in India is at 27% as of 2023. And women in India earn only 73% of what men earn for doing the same job states an International Labour Organization (ILO) report.
  • The gap is wider in tech, where women in India earn only 60% of what men earn while doing the same job. 
  • A study by NASSCOM showed that women in tech roles earn 29% less than men, with a gap widening at the senior management level.
  • India ranks 135th out of 146 countries according to the WEF Global Gender Gap Index report.
  • India is among five countries with a Health Gender Gap larger than 5%. The other countries are Qatar, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, and China as per a WEF Global Gender Gap report.
  • South Asian countries rank the lowest, with only 62.3% of the gender gap closed in 2022. It will take 197 years to close this gender gap.



Two more shiny trophies in our kitty again!

We are elated to have won a GOLD and a SILVER award at the Afaqs! Digies Awards 2023. 


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