August 2023

What’s on the playlist?

Has that catchy jingle in the ad suddenly become an earworm? Or has that dramatic melody moved you to tears? In this issue we are wading a little further, note by note and gently floating to the sound of music.

Sit down and let the orchestra play

A grand concert hall glows with gentle yellow lights as the orchestra readies to play. The conductor raises the baton, and soulful violins begin their enchanting melody, stirring deep emotions. Memories flood the listeners' minds - warm summer evenings, first loves, beloved movies, and carefree days. This is music's power to trigger associative memory, as each note unlocks doors to cherished experiences nestled deep in the subconscious.

Performances like these, show us the subliminal connection between sound and memory, making it clear that music holds a magical sway over our recollections.

How proud is your Pride!?

Bol, Baby Bol, Rock & Roll!

In the world of advertisements, sound has always played a pivotal role in leaving a lasting impression on the consumers. Catchy jingles and memorable catchphrases from the past, like 'Vicco,' 'Nirma,' and 'Badshah Masala,' have become synonymous with brand recollection.

As we move forward, brands are evolving their approach to sound. Original music and tracks now go beyond traditional jingles, creating emotive connections and leaving a deeper impact on consumers. Take, for instance, Vodafone's ‘You and I in a beautiful world’ with a young boy and his adorable pug, on a scenic journey across a small town, while a melodic song plays at the back evoking feelings of companionship. Airtel's harmonious brand tune and friendship anthems have also channelled similar emotions, fostering loyalty to the network.

Looking ahead, the future of sound in branding lies in harnessing emotional resonance to forge deeper connections with consumers, allowing brands to create powerful narratives that resonate with their audiences and build a sense of shared identity.

When words and music collide

Reading is an immersive experience and music can help accelerate that, making us go even deeper into the world crafted by the author. Music and its power to awaken memories – is a recurring theme in Georgi Gospodinov’s, ‘Time Shelter’, winner of the International Booker Prize 2023, for which he compiled a playlist of a dozen songs that play a crucial role in the novel.

Music is especially important in this novel because of its association with memory. In this playlist are classical instrumentals that play to the theme of the labyrinthine nature of memory and emblematic songs from The Beatles, Eagles and Frank Sinatra that have the power to take us back to when and where we first heard it! By selecting songs that reflect the themes, settings, or emotions of their stories, authors can deepen the connection between readers and the story.

Sweet Dreams are Made of these…ASMR

Now imagine scrolling through your Instagram feed and stumbling upon an ASMR reel – a fascinating world of sensory delights unfolds! Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, has become a sensation in today's marketing landscape. This intriguing phenomenon triggers a tingling sensation in certain individuals when they hear specific sounds, like tapping or gentle whispers. ASMR has been found to have a calming effect on the brain, inducing relaxation and heightened focus in some.

Recognising the potential of ASMR in creating unique sensory experiences, some brands have begun incorporating ASMR techniques into their visual marketing campaigns, immersing consumers in a world of delightful sensations and forging deeper connections with their audiences.

Closing bars Or So I say…Thank You For The Music

Sound and music wield a remarkable power, they deeply impact consumers on a personal level. Music not only aids the power of narration in advertisements but also tugs at heartstrings, evoking emotions and memories in viewers. When combined with specific sounds, it creates a multisensory experience that can transport users to a world of recollections!

By tapping into the viewer's emotions and senses, sound and music have the extraordinary capacity to forge unforgettable connections. It is through this captivating fusion of sight and sound that brands can truly resonate with their audience, creating something beautifully intertwined and ultimately, leaving a profound and meaningful impression.

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