February 2024

3 M I N R E A D

Celebrating sisterhood

If the phrase Sisters before Misters is your mantra and you swear by your sisterhood, then Galentine’s Day is a holiday made just for you!

In this issue, we explore how Galentine’s Day became a thing.

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Have you heard of these days?

While we are gearing up to dancing to tune of Valentine’s day (or Galentine’s Day) and pleasing the marketing gods, let’s look at some lesser-known holidays that have become every marketer’s dream. Here are some interesting days that may or may not have taken the Indian shopping season by storm yet!


Black Friday

Celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving in USA, Black Friday marks the beginning of the shopping season. It is one of the biggest shopping days and has now made its way in India with major retailers offering massive discounts.


Cyber Monday

What happens when you for any reason cannot make the most of Black Friday? Well, nothing really because you have Cyber Monday, on the Monday after Thanksgiving to do all the shopping online. The term Cyber Monday was coined specifically for ecommerce platforms where busy working Americans could comfortably shop online after a long and tiring Thanksgiving weekend.


Small Business Saturday

Once you’re done spending your dollar bills on big brands, it’s time to show some love to small and local businesses. The day was founded by American Express in 2010 and is supported by US government’s Small Business Administration. The aim – to promote small retailers and brick and mortar businesses.


Green Monday

No, this day has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with the green dollar bills that Americans spend during the sale. Green Monday is for smaller retailers and brick and mortar shops to boost their sales and clear their inventory to make more profits.


Single’s Day

Also known as Double 11, Single’s Day is widely celebrated on November 11 (11/11) in China. The date, consisting of four ones, is chosen because it symbolises single individuals, referring to people who are not in relationships. The day was first celebrated by Chinese college students in the 90s and then made a resurgence in 2019 when the Chinese retail giant Alibaba leveraged it as a major shopping festival.


Our predictions are coming true!

UX Design is a communication trend you shouldn’t ignore

We are in already February, and we are thrilled to say that the communication trends we forecasted in January are slowly playing out. If you haven’t watched our communication playbook, you can watch it right here on your left.

The one trend that we are absolutely stoked about is the adoption of User Experience (UX) Design Strategy. Brands have already started focusing on user experience. They are getting a deeper understanding of user needs, motivations, and pain points to create meaningful experiences.

A UX design strategy can improve user satisfaction, increase user engagement and improve conversion rates and ROI. It is an interesting exercise, one that is data-driven and user focused. You can read more about how it can benefit your business here.

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Creating thought leadership content for one of India’s leading life insurance companies has been a fascinating and insightful journey!

Our approach to thought leadership content is based on years of expertise – we do thorough research, understand the sector and the corporate brand, identify personal tone of voice, and help shape the content strategy.

We were commissioned to write articles for senior leaders of one of India’s leading private life insurance companies. These included online and offline media articles, consumer-facing blogs, and articles for LinkedIn pages.

The topics span sales and marketing, distribution, finance, actuarial practices, underwriting, risk management, capital markets, information technology and human resources. The intent is to convey the company’s brand message through a wide range of articles.

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