May 2023

L I s T I C L E

Long live the buzz

Snackable content + 5 other content lessons Buzzfeed taught us!

In April, Buzzfeed shut down its News website after 10 years of publication. For a decade, at least for the better part of it, Buzzfeed and Buzzfeed News were an integral part of the millennial pop-culture. Remember the fun quizzes and new-age video content? It made news and content interesting and relatable.

Buzzfeed News’ shutdown feels like the end of an era.

Here are 6 things that we learned from Buzzfeed.

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A TIC original podcast

How did this
become a thing?

Click bait Headlines

Clickbait headlines are those irresistible things on the internet that you simply can't help clicking on. They play on our curiosity and our urge to know more. They are written cleverly, often sensationalized, and speak directly to us. So, what is the origin of clickbait headlines and why are we talking about them today? Find out in this episode.

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